Believe in me, and I will believe in myself.

Welcome to Earl Grey Children's Centre

Earl Grey children’s Centre is a 71 space licenced, not for profit childcare centre serving the needs of families in our community. We care for children in our year round, inclusive and trusted learning environment.

As Educators, we know that every child, family, early childhood educator, child care assistant, and everyone else who may walk through our doors, has the right to feel safe, included and appreciated for who they are.
Here at Earl Grey Children’s Centre we value inclusion. Earl Grey Children’s Centre respects and values all persons and is committed to diversity on its Board of Directors, staff, members and the families we serve. We respect each other’s ideas and opinions, even when we disagree. We seek understanding of the impact of cultural and generational differences on our current and future work.

Our trained and dedicated Early Childhood Educators foster independence, inspire learning and provide high quality care to children ages 3-12 years.

We believe in a play based approach to learning, embrace the outdoors and work in partnership with our families, community and school.

We strive to build trusted, respectful and inclusive relationships and encourage communication and feedback from our families. Through our programs we aspire to have all children feel that if you “Believe in me, I will believe in myself”!

Our Programs

We believe that all families deserve high quality care in an inclusive environment. We use a play based approach to learning. We strive to build strong relationships, allow for collaboration and discussion in a trusting, positive environment. We help to develop problem solving, critical thinking skills and encourage independence and opportunities for success and to learn how to deal with things when they don’t go our way.

Earl Grey Children’s Centre works collaboratively with the school to maintain consistent expectations and to ensure each child and family feel valued, respected and supported.

Our programs aim to let children enjoy the wonders of childhood through self-discovery, play, friendship and relationships. We embrace the joys of childhood.

Why Enrol Your child at Earl Grey Children's Centre