School Age 6 - 12 years

We have 2 school age classrooms with a total of 47 children ages 6-12 years of age. In room 7 we have 32 children. The children in this room are usually in grades 1-3.

School Age Care Included in enrolment:

Our second school age program is in Room 2 and has maximum 15 children usually in grade 4-6. Our school age ratio is based on Early Learning and Childcare Regulations at 1:15

Both our programs interact and combine during in-services etc. Programs are based on the development abilities of children. Both teacher and child inspired programming occurs. We help our children develop problem solving skill and assist in conflict resolution. It is important to give our school age children the confidence and ability to deal with stress, conflict and help them feel they are in a safe and positive environment.

We embrace outdoor play, enjoy our community and understand the needs and developmental challenges of school age children. We foster a safe and caring environment and we strive to get to know each child as an individual.

Children in the school age program independently walk up to class, return to the daycare at lunch and after school. We do child checks if a child arrives late to the daycare at lunch or after school to ensure the safety of each child.

Our program runs all year long including Spring break, summer and in-service days. Our program runs all year long so enrolment is based on the complete year not the school year (September to June).

Play based experiences, science challenges, outdoor play, STEM activities are all part of our program. We believe in our school age program that children need time to develop friendships, learn about the world around them and challenge themselves to take on that world. Positive self-esteem and communication skills to handle problems are an integral part of our daily program.

We help each child develop at their level, provide guidance for conflict resolution and encourage children to be independent. Hugs, positive guidance and fun is a part of our every day at Earl Grey School Age Program. We believe that parent/guardian collaboration is extremely important to the development of each child.

Our goal in our centre is to allow children to be children…….let them discover the world, provide a safe space, and enjoy the wonders of childhood!

Why Enrol Your child at Earl Grey Children's Centre