Curriculum Statement

Earl Grey Children’s Centre understands the importance of play in child development. We value and promote children’s experiences of caring and flexibility, as well as provide socially and culturally sensitive environments in which children play and interact with others. Exploration, play, curiosity, recognition of unique individual differences and communication are very vital as well.

Our program requires that we know each child as an individual. Through documentation and observation of their play, we use this information in discussions and conversations at lunch and snack times as well as during circle/craft experiences. By exploring the interests and curiosities of the child, we are able to develop information to build our child care centres environment, develop activities and experiences to help each child understand their self and their world.

Our children are able to interact and learn from other age groups. We do this by having our older children mentor our younger children. During free play, our school age children are encouraged to participate in the preschool room as mentors. Helping the staff with daily routines, tying shoelaces, and participating in play allows the younger child to learn from the older child in a meaningful and respectful way and encourages more involved play experiences.

Through daily welcoming conversations our staff convey information observed through play to parents regarding each child’s developmental and emotional experiences.

Quality environment is rich in opportunities for children’s play, sensory stimulation, social interaction, language, and spontaneous experiences. Our staff organize and enhance environments in order to meet children’s needs by:

Multicultural pictures, items, books and dolls are part of our everyday materials that our children can experience in their environment.

In addition to having fun and enriching child’s learning our staff create a daily schedule with the following in mind:

Activities are optional and occur during free play times. This allows each child to decide for themselves what experiences they wish to participate in and allows them to decide what is developmentally appropriate for them. We plan these experiences so children can learn creativity, investigation and curiosity.

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