Preschool 3 - 5 years

Our fun and play based preschool program has a maximum of 24 children enrolled. We provide care for children in this program who are 3-5 years of age. . Our preschool ratio is based on Early Learning and Childcare Regulations at 1:8. We provide full day care between 7:00 am and 5:30 PM.

Our trained Early Childhood Educators believe in a play based approach and embrace the outdoors. We engage in ECE directed and child lead play. We help develop self-confidence, believe in learning through play and allow our children to discover and explore their potential and abilities. We embrace all cultures and encourage children and families to share their celebrations and culture with us!

Children enrolled in Earl Grey School’s Nursery or kindergarten program are walked directly to their classroom by our ECE’s and attend for 2.5 hour in either the am or pm. When you enrol your preschool child you will enrol for a full time space regardless of whether they attend nursery or kindergarten. As the school program is only 2.5 hrs/day. The parent would then drop off their child to daycare in the am, our staff take the children to class, and return 2.5 hours later to walk them back where they will remain in our care until parental pick up. Children who are enrolled in the nursery or kindergarten program are considered as full time preschool children as they are only in nursery/kindergarten for 2.5 hours/day.

It is up to the parent to make nursery/kindergarten arrangements directly with the school (204-474-1441). Children automatically will move into the school age program in either the summer or fall (depending on centre needs) when the child is entering into grade 1.

Our program runs all year long and we have an excellent summer program full of fun outdoor activities as well as indoor activities/programs. We embrace outdoor play and children are involved in exploring nature, walking in our community and learning new and fun things to do outside. Lots of opportunity is given for child inspired play and wonder.

We help each child develop at their level, provide guidance for conflict resolution and encourage children to be independent. Hugs, positive guidance and fun is a part of our every day at Earl Grey Preschool Program. We believe that parent/guardian collaboration is extremely important to the development of each child.

Our goal in our centre is to allow children to be children…….let them discover the world, provide a safe space, and enjoy the wonders of childhood!

Why Enrol Your child at Earl Grey Children's Centre